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 Things to do when you are bored

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PostSubject: Things to do when you are bored   Things to do when you are bored Icon_minitimeTue Aug 03, 2010 1:10 pm

Are you ever sooo bored that you don't know what to do? This topic will help you!

If you have a computer and are bored...
You can post here. It would really help the site and would be truly appreciated! Smile
Play games at gaming websites.
Draw on your computer, with paint or something.
Read funny online news.
Look up lolcat pictures online.
Chat with a funny person who is online.
Start a funny chain e-mail.
Make a quiz to show to your friends.
Write a funny short story.

If you have a free TV and you are bored....
Play video games.
Flip through the channels and watch a funny show.
Get a paper and pencil, flip through the channels and write down the names of funny commercials.
Watch the weather channel and make funny remarks.
(NOTE: You must have a TV with a GLASS screen on it otherwise you'll ruin your TV!)Get window markers and draw mustaches on the people on the screen, or draw something funny to entertain you. (you can wash them off)

If you have a backyard and you are bored...
(Key: brown is autumn, cyan is winter, green is spring, and yellow is summer)
Make a leaf pile, call your parents/siblings, hide in it and jump out at them.
Make a leaf pile and jump into it.
Collect as many acorns as you can, and then count them.
Chase squirrels or chipmunks, but don't hurt them.
Talk to the birds.
If you are really bored and willing to do anything, make different piles of leaves based on colors or shape.

Make a course through the snow with your shovel(preferably downhill) and sled down it.
If you have stairs covered in snow, make a ramp at the bottom of the stairs and sled down!
Make a snow fort.
Make a snowman.
Try to make a chair or bed out of snow so you can sit on it when you are tired.
Make a car out of snow.
Sled down a hill.
Try to make a tunnel or a snow cave(I made a snow cave before, it was awesome!)
Make a mutant snowman.
Make a ton of snowballs and hide them, call your friend or a member of the family and tell them to get their butt over there, then throw snowballs at them.
Ask a sibling/friend to help you shovel. Stand in front of them and shovel some snow for a while. After a bit call ot them saying you found something cool, then flip the shovel and bombard them with a ton of snow.

Try to find dandelions and blow on them, wishing.
Try to find a spot where a lot of snow melted and it make a stream(or were a river flooded). Make a boat out of brightly painted newspaper and then float it down the place, so you can see it.
Try to find a rare plant.
Kill ants.
Try to find mud and throw some in someone's face, or make a mud sculpture.
Try to build a tire swing.

Go on a bike ride.
Play tennis.
Go to the beach or go swimming.
Stand outside, In a safe place, during a warm thunderstorm.
Eat outside if there aren't a lot of bugs.
Catch crickets.
Pretend you are spying on an invisible person and slink around.
Go to Toys 'R us and get a pool. they sell pools that aren't blow up but aren't permanent, they are like a permanent pool but you can take them down. The cheapest one is 80 dollars and the most expensive one is under 200 dollars.
PLAY! invite a friend over or something.
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Things to do when you are bored
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