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 Things to do on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl when you beat the game

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Things to do on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl when you beat the game Empty
PostSubject: Things to do on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl when you beat the game   Things to do on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl when you beat the game Icon_minitimeSat Aug 07, 2010 4:06 pm

Not necessarily beat the game but you have nothing to do. Here is what you can do:

After you beat the Elite 4 you can do lots of things:
Catch Giratina:
I'm a bit rusty on doing this so I might not get everything on the spot or be correct.
Go to Veilstone city and go down the route beneath it. Keep going until you see a break in the trees to your right- it wasn't there before. Go there and it should read as Spring Path, where it has a ton of Bibarels! To catch Giratina here you must have strong pokemon around lvl 70 and a lot of max repels and full restores. You also need a pokemon that knows things like rock smash, strength, rock climb, and cut. You also need a ton of dusk balls, and timer balls. Then you go down Spring Path, where it goes into a dark opening. Do not worry, Giratina isn't there yet. Now go into the grass(use max repels always, even in the cave) and go to the place where you must use rock climb. Use rock climb and move on to the cave. Now go to the middle, see the pillar? You just have to keep going into different rooms. When you have seen three rooms with pillars that you haven't seen before, save the game! Now search for the last room that has a pillar... But! Instead it has Giratina waiting for you. Save your game and make sure your pokemon is ready before you battle her. Then start the battle! Lower its HP until it's red, then throw Dusk balls and timer balls until you catch it. Don't make the battle last too long because once it runs out of PP for it's moves it will use struggle, which causes recoil damage. Don't use a master ball unless you want to.

Catch Heatran
Mind you I'm not going until terrible detail like a walkthrough, this will be like catching Giratina with basic facts. Again, I'm rusty.
So to catch Heatran you need the basics, a strong team of pokemon lvl 70 or lower(not too high), a pokemon that knows your basic HM moves like strength, rock smash, and rock climb, max repels, full restores and revives, and a ton of Dusk balls and Timer balls. Now, fly(or bike, or walk) to A place called Stark Mountain, which is above the Survival Area I believe. It's on that battle island place. Now when you go inside and on the way to Stark Mountain you meet the dude with the flame hair and stuff. At first when you enter you think it's easy, but it's just the beginning. Go past the rocks and I think you meet up with your rival and whatnot. You will have to partner up with the flame haired dude and battle peeps and wild pokemon(which you shouldn't have to if you use a max repel, although it is good to come here when you want cool fire pokemon). Now once you get up on this ledge(there should be a big staircase leading up to it or something) and then the flame dude rushes in and gets the treasure, or whatever that is. When you go in I don't think there is anything there, cuz he took it, so you are supposed to leave the cave. Or use an escape rope. Then when you get out everyone is excited because the volcano is erupting, ash should be falling everywhere(no, not the trainer Ash!). There is a reporter dude with a camera but he doesn't do anything. There should be a house with an old man, and the flame dude is there with him. they say some random stuff and then you are supposed to go back to the Stark Mountain place. Blah blah blah, some tremors happen, blah blah blah, then you are in the cave and Heatran is in front of you. Make sure your pokemon is ready and SAVE THE GAME before you meet up with him. Then battle him until his HP is red and then capture him.

After you catch all the legendary pokemon and you have everything there is still things to do:
I'm still thinking
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Things to do on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl when you beat the game
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