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I added 3 new rules. You should read them.

I am bored anyone have contest ideas for the forum? I'd love it because the forum is getting kind of boring and I AM BORED! Also Random fact of the day: I ordered Weird, Scary, and Unusual yesterday and also I went to the beach yesterday and to the zoo and tomorrow I'm getting weird, scary, and unusual and hanging out with my friend.

Ugh BORED! I like drawing but I like coloring my drawings even more. I have art block too. T.T

SO anyway guys I will be setting up a few things once more like adding smilies and I think I added points lemme check but if I didn't I'm incorporating those things in too. Also I may have a few contests and start a website holiday I'm not sure... Hmm well the Fourth of July is coming up! YAY FOR AMERICA! P.S. I am a true patriot Very Happy

Hmmm maybe a flag theme I dunno. So what is your opinion on the situation? I was thinking of having a sort of give-away thing like once you make your 100th post you get a free drawing from me to encourage people to post, or maybe when you are a member for a year(after making 100 posts) you'll get another free drawing. They would look something like this quality wise: http://i53.tinypic.com/23jqsty.jpg (also I messed up on the hind legs, but anyway it's a tiger/thylacine mix, so if it doesn't look like what you think it is then that's why)

Well for the Fourth of July I could hide a flag graphic in the forums and the first person to find it gets a free avatar from me. I am also thinking about adding a gallery and maybe some other stuff. Perhaps a forum where you can put up a little thing like 'My Page' or something? Where you customize it and tell about your self and all? More info and stuff than an introduction. I think it's a good idea since you have very limited customization things in your profile here and all.

Hmmm maybe I could add in a referral thing if that's possible. Tell me what you think. Oh and maybe a suggestions forum? well please tell me what you think of the ideas above I know some of them are just like 'whut?'

ALSO Welcome our two new members! MarryJosh and ZebraParisa!

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